2014 Memberships

Now is a great time to get your 2014 Membership!  A membership lets you play golf anytime, in any event or league.  At Willow Springs we offer many events for our members throughout the season.  These are fun opportunities for you to meet and play with different people.  We offer several single and 2-person leagues as well as couples’ leagues.

With your membership you also receive discounted cart fees, discounted entry into select outings, and discounted practice range use as well as an invitation to play in the club championship.

Go to the Membership tab here to review our prices.


  1. i can’t tell you how unhappy i am that i can’t go and find out hopw much my membership is next year because of this survsy.I have tried to fill it out three times and I’m done.Please send me the price of a membership for a senior. Thanks lee

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